A Lady Fair

by John Lars Zwerenz


I ventured out one pristine night
Beneath blue stars to a furrow on a hill.
I was one with the rose and the daffodil,
And my steps stirred the grasses in the moonlight.

I came to a garden at the top of the down.
There leafy boughs were scarlet and bent
In the sweet, summer air, so very redolent,
Over ponds in the umbrage, smooth and brown.

An old, iron archway marked the marble square
Which led to a castle, ancient and grand.
On its tower was a balcony, perched high above the land
Where stood a lovely maiden, a lady fair.

She looked at me and smiled with a gaze
That left me transfixed in the sun’s saffron rays.
Then all became still, as our minds did intertwine,
Among the dappled daisies, and the roving of the vine.

John Lars Zwerenz