by Nicole M Nugent

How the mind can fly, hovering for that everlasting love light,
Love that excites the abandoned soul, in a dazed brazen fight.
A flutter here and a twitter there, a forlorn hummingbird lost in flight,
Prying for the sweetest nectar, and crying out to catch more than trite.
Underlying sugary passion, as the hummingbird darts in fright,
In a tangle of steaming energy, alluring nectar seeps with all its might.

The chameleon trickles its wildness, playing its saping part,
Caught up in a sticky nest, how can it steal the red crested brazen heart?
Serrated edges and glossy leaves, makes mood all the more tart,
The pristine white petal weeps, as the hummingbird flails its unversed start.
Time is of essence to calm this abandoned soul, patience is a graceful art,
So let the wild bird fly freely, for it must not be stilted to dart.

She comes to lay her dazed heart, on the edge of the cupped nest,
Dreaming of the toxic chameleon, whilst musing a seduction to journey west.
Is the everlasting love light, bestowed upon this meddling quest,
To find a safe shelter, the finest nectar, to rest its weary breast.
Night shade steals the light, as the hummingbird bowers down to rest,
Adorning the sugary passion, attesting a destiny too raw to digest.

The night comes with fright and fear, awaiting the sun to rise,
Upon the icy cool dew, in solitude she silently cries.
Morning dawns as tears melt away, is it time to claim that ultimate prize?
Opportunity awaits, fly west with those beautiful hummingbird eyes.
Leaving the serrated edge and glossy surface, wings flutter into the skies,
Let the journey take its mysterious hold, as she tentatively flys.

Passing over the salt pan earth the journey begins to unfold,
With miles to travel, and with courage there is a sweet pride to uphold.
Gone are the lifeless days of intoxication and love un- consoled,
Conceived happiness, brighter colours and a warmth that wont grow old.
Venturing loves light that flutters the heart, away from the ice stone cold,
Expand your wings and fly freely to that nectar made of gold.

The red breasted brazen heart arrives, feathers ruffle and fray,
A heart that is alight with warm fire, for departing those clouds of grey.
The nectar glows of raw auric silk, the taste rich and gay,
Reaping rewards of a long journey, its time to rest and play.
Farewell chameleon, sticky nest, serrated glossy leaf, come what may,
Let your heart love tenderly, and welcome that virgin day.

The virgin day awaits us as the grass is not always green
Wanderlust in the western sun and wilderness, plagued of dreams
Could it be any different now, covered in red dust thy preen,
For here on the boab branch, wondering for ever it seems.
Back to grass roots, feeling the truest passion petal
Watching in the eastern sunrise, later western orange light dwindles into a dome
She must fly now, back to the place she only calls home.