Whats on your Mind?

by Benjamin Wilson

I cant seem to get, you off of my mind
I cant seem to keep, you from swimming in my brain
To me these words just all sound the same
So what should I do to help ease the pain?
These roots they run deep
And I cant seem to keep
Your name off my tounge
And its making me weak
Your the one that I seek
And theres nowhere to look
No pages hold it, that I can read in a book
I can see you when you sleep
I can hear you when you weep
I lie awake at Night
Feeling Lonesome and Tired
Will you set me free?
Will you be for me?
Was it meant to be?
Is it destiny?
Cast out to the sea
On the second degree
Knife in my Head
Knife in my Back
Bullet in my Side
Gun in my Bed
We've danced before
But ever again?
I cant seem to loose
I cant seem to win
Playing cards I was dealt
Feeling things Ive never felt
Roads that are Winding
But not ever Finding
Untie me Im binding
And I feel like im Dying
I cant seem to stop
Im still at the bottom
But reach for the top
I wait and I mourn
While seconds are torn
I get word from the horn
Again I am born
Damn all the Men
With Light in their eyes
They cant seem to see
All the Lies and the Cries
I despise my allies
Their Spys in the Sky
And althought this may seem unwise
I disguise their demise
For she is the prize
The salt in my Cup
I drink it all down
And Close it all up
Again I say,
I cant seem to get, you off of my Mind
Day after day this is my grind
Row beyond row I march in the Line
And yet this love goes on undefined
So ease my Pain
And seize this day
And do not let this love decay
We're not even close
Not even Halfway
Allow me the chance
To let me repay
All the debts that I owe
And our Love it will Grow
I cant seem to get, You off of my mind