I Will Never Loose my Hope

by Kush Mishra

in my dreams i always run,
from the time i sleep to morning sun.
I don't know what i am trying to find
may be for this i don't have enough mind
someting is there on my heart
which can't be seen from far apart
i don't know what to say
but there is some thing on my way
the more i cover the distance
the more i need the maintenance
there is dark all around
i am sitting loonly in the ground.
There is very hard to breat
as i am reaching closer to death.
Before the dark consume me
i want something to announce
i don't know where to go
i don't know what to do
but now few little things i came to know
the things i come to know, i want to share
but the time i got is quite rare
the more i get
the more i forget
at last i didn't find anything
but yeah, i know i had lost something
i searched it again
but there is nothing i gain
during these time, one thing that only i did
the only one that i had fixed
that i will never loose my hope
that's why i am still remaing with some scope.