On that sweet Friday

by Vladimir Burov

On that sweet Friday when
We saw each other once again at last
The time ran out fast
And by the hour I got back home late,
My carefree joy within euphoria turned to dust
The very first night I slept tight
None of nightmares had to fight
Nor didn't even 'let the bedbugs bite'
But on the second night I felt already so blue
And very much alike Napoleon did soon after Waterloo
My biggest fear was to lose my final hope
So, I dropped as many hints as I could've dropped
Oh, we agreed that she would let me know
About the next time when we could go
The waiting shall take rather long
Like one more week at least
So far I know
'tis not at all that much for my loyal vow
Though 'tis a torture for my soul being dragged so high and so low
I wish I wouldn't ever mind
That any love is so blind
And the fate is also no kind kind
(What if there is no hope yet?)
What if the best girl in the world will roughly hurt me?
I then wary to think how bad should others be
Sadly, I already know well
(The most of'em I dare to greet one day in hell)
It certainly will leave a mark for me
Gosh! I cannot fight I cannot flee...