Hand in Hand

by Nicole M Nugent

Thousands of words to bamboozle our life,
Marry me, what it means to contemplate being your wife.
Let’s run away and leave only so little behind,
Let’s understand stillness, and be totally entwined.
Three weeks it will take, to make our new life together,
Two people who are no longer, affected by the weather.
Be twenty again, realise there is so much more now.
Live in the country to be free, no questions to know how.
Paint a thousand words, make love every day if we have to,
We’ll spend an entire day together, colour that taint of blue.
Leave behind the stressful, here in this town.
Work it out as we go; before you back down.
You say you love me; I can’t get enough of you,
Live with me and make love, with no further ado.
Leave the pub hand in hand, run through the rain to home.
Share yourself with me, be nowhere else to roam.
Tell me you love me, every day and night,
Don’t ever stop doing that, beyond any brazen light.
Wanting the same things; what are the odds,
Slim and unprotected for its rarity, just ask the Gods.
The weeks are growing old, realise we can make the most of this,
A baby or take away the complexity, or continue to be amiss.
Me or the priesthood, I ask you to come to me,
For the souls of trepidation, it’s easiest choosing a life of free.
Be not fearful allow love in each, for essence of time begs us,
Why evenings alone, when adoring company shows no fuss.