My Love

by Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

February, not so long ago, my eyes flashed on your light, the brightest light on Face book by far!
My appreciation to full extend, humbly amazed by the person you are.

Friendship, Love and happiness, you opened up to me, you set my spirit free.
‘’Are you really that HOT for real? Are you sure? That is really me? ‘’

I was overwhelmed by your strong approach; it swept me off my feet.
Enlightened through each other 's presence, we soon created a plan to meet.

It was exciting, passionate… relaxation, much more than I expected.
Our Love till today burns on, in existence, I will Love, you won’t be rejected.

Joined in alignment, growing each day towards so much more and more
You and I both blessed, melting together, I never experienced this before.

Mirrors you hold in front of me, for understanding and wisdom, I am loving the results.
Responsible, mature, the inner child remains while we grow to happy adults.

My Girl, my Lady, my Friend, my Love as refined and beautiful by your muse
A color not carried along. Never do I wish to feel blue and sing the blues.

That is what I believe, that is what I will cherish and maintain together with you.
Experiences from past lessons enabled me to stand before you… ready, fresh and new.

Life experience, the bright colors of our life book chapters filled by still unwritten words
I state to you, right here right now, you will come first, heaven filled with fireworks.

O, o my lady this page begins with some humor and irony for me to tease
My own pain in the ass… ‘’O no! I am happy I laugh, you do maintain my inner peace.

As I want you for to be with you… ‘’cause of fact unknown’’ you said yes on my request??!
Each day and day again, I doubt your mental state of health, Eish, I don’t care as long as I remain to be blessed

You could be insane, a little crazy for sure… hard and soft through play and truth.
I will be send away by you, talking too much, into the cold and scary neighborhood.

Alone and harassed I leave, but accompanied with pure delight constructed by you.
It seems so easy, you are so strong. You are the gift I treasure so much you do not even have a clue.

I will fight for us, for it is real.
To considerate, I feel like a kid at school, currently confused about his sex appeal

I do Love you, which is exactly the reason why I follow up on you
I stand in silence, waiting for the moment, melted together again. A whole night through.

My sweetest, true, most beautiful treasure that I own hereby presented as I am true
Take my heart, I lay it in your hands, appreciation for my soul I leave that up to you.

Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

25-04-2011 .South-Africa