I was yours

by R.G. Boaler

I'm the man you'll never know,
I'm the one you'll see no more,
I'm the one whose sould you've stole,
I was yours.

But as the days went creeping on,
The nights were growing cold,
And every day I saw you less,
My days were growing old.

I'm sorry my love,
For just being me,
The one I thought you loved so true,
You were mine.

The sunlight of the day,
I greatly feared by now,
And it's hard to say just where I'd be,
If I'd nevery known you (wow!)

I guess it's that the older you are,
The more you start to think,
The worse your life becomes,
And the more you want to drink.

But I'll sit here and reminise,
'Bout you and me and the past,
I'll shake my head and wonder why,
I was yours.